Cardiovascular Disease

Psoriasis and Cardiovascular Disease


Well-established comorbidities of psoriasis include:1-11

  • Heart attack, stroke, CV death
  • Metabolic syndrome (obesity, insulin resistance, cholesterol abnormalities, and hypertension)
  • Diabetes
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, and suicide)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • T-cell lymphoma (rare)


There is risk of cardiovascular/cardiometabolic disease in patients with more severe psoriasis:1,2,10,12,13

  • With psoriasis, there is an increased risk of MI, stroke, cardiovascular death, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease.
  • Data suggest an average of 5 years of life lost due to this comorbidity.
  • The 10-year risk of major CV event attributable to psoriasis is 6%.
  • Patients treated for severe psoriasis are 30 times more likely to experience major adverse cardiovascular events (attributable to psoriasis) than to develop a melanoma.


CV risk factor

Standard screening recommendations for cardiovascular disease in patients with psoriasis include:14-16

  • Hypertension:
    • Age 18–39 years, no risk factors and BP <130/85 mmHg: every 3–5 years
    • Age ≥40 and those at increased risk for high BP (BP 130–139/85–89 mmHg, overweight/obese, African Americans): yearly
  • Diabetes (fasting plasma glucose, HbA1c, or OGTT):
    • Adults age 40–70 years with BMI ≥25
    • Repeat every 3 years
  • Cardiovascular risk assessment:
    • Traditional risk factors every 4–6 years in patients age 20–79 years
    • Estimate 10-year risk in those age 40–79 years



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Cardiovascular Disease


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